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What is lurking in the night?

With NightVision, you can see for your self! Enhances images just like real night goggles do. Add effects to make it look more like you want.

The NightVision plug-in can make any image like the ones from night vision goggles. By using the effects in this plug-in, you can make images look like they are from a black & white security camera or CCTV system. It's also possible to make them look like infra-red photos. Or you can just use the interlace to make an image look like a TV picture. You can even use it to enhance real night images!

With the effects you can enhance dark areas. You can add TV ghosting, the "echo" you see when you use bad cables. There is a interlace, which has anti-alias. You can set the color of the image and much more.
You can save your own settings and share them with others.

Click here for a list of features and technical details of NightVision.

NightVision works with most applications compatible with PhotoShop plug-ins for Windows™.
Click here for a complete list of applications that work with NightVision.