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Willem Beumer from the Philipines sent us the following images of a novel home project he did using the Camouflage™ plug-in.

He was browsing the internet looking for camouflage patterns to use for his trucks and garage when he stumbled upon our plug-in. With the plug-in he designed a camouflage pattern to be printed on curtains for his garage in order to prevent birds from entering the garage. The curtains are similar to the ones found in a carwash.

Example Description
Camouflage Plugin Example Curtains 1. A "Before" image of the garage without any curtains.
Camouflage Plugin Example Curtains 2. This is the final camouflage pattern used for the printers, generated using Camouflage in Photoshop™ 7.
The original pattern was generated at a much higher resolution than the example given here.
Camouflage Plugin Example Curtains 3. An overview of the printer working on part of the pattern. This printer can handle prints of upto 2.25m (7.4ft) by 10m (32.8ft) on plastic.
Camouflage Plugin Example Curtains 4. A close-up of the printer at work.
Camouflage Plugin Example Curtains 5. The result of the printed curtains hung from the garage.
You can see small horizontal lines along the curtains, these are plastic strips attached to the back in order to stop the plastic strips from curling.
Camouflage Plugin Example Curtains 6. A photograph taken at night with lights on inside the garage.

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