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Example Description
Halftone Plugin Example Bee - Before.
Halftone Plugin Example Bee - After.
Demonstrating multiple layers of dots using only the custom shape "hexagon" supplied with Halftone™, all using the triangle grid layout mode.
The big honeycomb was created in two layers with identical settings except brightness of the source image, which results in smaller and bigger "dots. A specially created image was used as source for these dots.
The layer of honeycomb lines was created by cutting hexagons (this time using the "solid" source mode) from a solid black layer. The white and black shading was done using the same settings but using the image as source. White shading used an inverted image and inverted dot colors. Both shading layers were blurred slightly.
Halftone Plugin Example Dirty Hosts. A composition of several heavily processed photographs with Halftone used to create the halftone "outlines" of the person and the text.
Halftone Plugin Example Piano - Before.
Halftone Plugin Example Piano - After.
Four separate layers of music-themed custom shapes (a clef and three notes), applied with full shape-rotation jitter and random mirroring. Each layers was individually hand-drawn to encircle the piano keyboard.
Halftone Plugin Example Elephant - Before.
Halftone Plugin Example Elephant - After.
Fine-tuned radial waves and "source image" background mode to show a pattern of simple dots that seem to follow the skin of the elephant in this drawing.
Halftone Plugin Example Surfer - Before.
Halftone Plugin Example Surfer - After.
The most effective custom shapes are simple and have no unnecessary detail. This surfer image demonstrates how applying three independant layers of a simple shape but with different settings can create unique designs.
Halftone Plugin Example Queen Of Hearts - Before.
Halftone Plugin Example Queen Of Hearts - After.
Use of the four card suit shapes included with Halftone on eight different gradient layers to create a complex border. The corners of the layers are erased using a very soft brush and the some parts of the inside is erased to remove some dots at unwanted locations.
Halftone Plugin Example Celica - Before.
Halftone Plugin Example Celica - After.
Pentagram custom shape with high rotational jitter and 50% placement jitter applied to a gradient image with transparency for the background.
The resulting image was then cut and transformed to more closely match the shape of the car and mixed using Linear Burn.
Areas outside the "painted" area were erased by hand afterwards.
Copper color was set afterwards by filling the halftone layer whilst preserving transparency.
Halftone Plugin Example Lovecats - Before.
Halftone Plugin Example Lovecats - After.

Custom shape applied to a gradient image (blurred white box in black border) with rotational jitter and background transparency.
The image of the cats is an underlying layer not used in the Halftone effect itself.

Halftone Plugin Example Marley - Before.
Halftone Plugin Example Marley - After.
Print/press CMYK halftone dithering effect.
Applied a standard halftone effect to the independent color channels of a CMYK image.
Using 15 rotation for Cyan, 75 for Magenta, 90 for Yellow and 45 for Black (K).
These are the same angles as used in printers for color images.
Halftone Plugin Example Newspaper. A simple grayscale photo processed using the default settings and pasted into a scanned newspaper layout.
Halftone Plugin Example Prism - Before.
Halftone Plugin Example Prism - After.
Identical halftone effect using default circles shape, applied to the independent color channels of an RGB image with 30 rotation steps starting from 15.
Similar to common print/press halftone dithering, but here applied to the additive RGB color model for novelty value.

Halftone Plugin Example Women.

This example demonstrates several of the deformations available in Halftone.
The orthogonal waves are most apparent in this example.
Halftone Plugin Example All-american Girl. Custom star shape applied twice (at different sizes) to a girls' portrait. Due to a transparent background the star pattern could be layered on top of a flag design using a shadow effect layer.

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