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Important notice!

We are currently unable to offer compatibility or technical support for our plug-ins.

You can still download the free plug-ins, try out the demo plug-ins and purchase licenses and we do provide administrative support (i.e. providing downloads and missing license information).

Make sure to try out the demo of the plug-in you want before purchasing a license for it.

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Example Description
Unplugged X Plugin Example Boat Before.
Unplugged X Plugin Example Boat After.
A painterly effect using a stack of several of UnPlugged™-X's effects: Factorize, Light, Anti-alias, Shimmer White, Pencil, Renaissance and Pencil again.
Unplugged X Plugin Example Color Expander. Used a histogram to find the coordinates used in a color expander effect.
Unplugged X Plugin Example Guitar. Pencil effect applied using a custom mixing mode on top of a dither effect.
Unplugged X Plugin Example Light.

Light effect originating from an off-center coordinate.

Unplugged X Plugin Example Primatize. Using the primatize effect to remove non-primary shades.
Unplugged X Plugin Example Rearrange. The rearrange is one of the effect useable to give color to grayscaled images.
Unplugged X Plugin Example Shift. From spring colors to autumn colors using nothing more than the Shift effect.

Unplugged X Plugin Example Spiral.

Spiral effect applied using a custom mixing mode over a gradient background.

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