Less Afterdark

Just updated the Afterdark jQueryUI “total conversion” theme. Afterdark delivers a complete style for jQueryUI driven sites, changing not only the look of jQueryUI components, but all layout including body and form elements. It is designed for admin backends but…

Afterdark jQueryUI theme

A medium to dark gray jQueryUI theme with limegreen/olivegreen accents. Demo: http://vanderlee.github.com/Afterdark/ Project: https://github.com/vanderlee/Afterdark  

Interactive shadows; jQuery.shadowtext

The jQuery.shadowtext plugin lets you add interactive, animated CSS3 text-shadow to parts of your webpage. The interaction is that it reacts to the mouse cursor position and casts a shadow at the opposite side of text . Or on the…

non-standard 'vd' unit in jQuery.px